Ruby/Rails Software Engineer @ Technology Company

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Cleveland, OH
Job Type
Direct Hire
Aug 11, 2017
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IPS has a new Software Engineer @ a growing technology company here in downtown Cleveland. The tech stack is mainly Ruby on Rails and JavaScript (with React). This is a small team so we are looking for an all-around player that wants to work on the full stack from Front End, API, Infrastructure, Devops, and Back End Development. 

What you'll do: 
- Write Ruby and Javascript code, driven by tests
- Architect object-oriented code using traditional and original design patterns
- Collaborate with business stakeholders to identify goals and opportunities for improvement
- Program in a pair with our senior developer
- Assess the developmental and operational tradeoffs between alternative technical solutions
- Continually explore emerging tools, technologies and techniques
- Contribute to project planning and management using Agile principles

- At least 2 years of experience in web development
- Experience with test-driven development or unit testing 
- Aptitude for problem solving and lateral thinking
- Ambition to tackle challenging problems
- Ability and desire to collaborate as part of a team
- Drive to always be learning and improving