DevOps Engineer @ Real Estate Tech Company

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Pittsburgh, PA
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Direct Hire
Feb 26, 2018
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IPS has a new DevOps Engineer role @ a Real Estate Technology focused Startup based in Pittsburgh, PA. We offer a strong base salary, flexible work hours, full healthcare benefits and a laid back results-oriented work environment. 

You should be passionate about the work you do and being a significant member of a growing company. You love mapping the complexities of business needs to elegantly designed infrastructure. Your impact will be felt immediately with the ability to get under the hood and work with the entire company to solve actual business problems.

If interested in learning more, please message for more details. 

What they offer you: 

  • Engineering culture from the top down 
  • Passionate and smart team of engineers to work with
  • Agile and open Environment 
  • Modern and new technologies to work with 
  • Results oriented work environment
  • Top salaries - we are looking for a top person
  • Flexible work hours 

Who are we looking for? 

  • Proficiency in Python or Ruby
  • Clear communications skills, even with non-engineers
  • Able to write clearly understood documentation
  • Experience working with non-engineers for needs gathering
  • Experience with the Linux operating environment
  • Familiarity with the OSI Model
  • Experience with Linux containers
  • Strong understanding of TCP/IP and use cases for TCP vs UDP

Bonus points

  • Experience with Python in particular
  • Experience with HDFS
  • Experience with HBase
  • Experience with OpenTSDB
  • Experience with cloud providers like AWS, GCE, or Digital Ocean

Current Tech Stack

  • Python, Golang, and Javascript
  • Celery, Flask, SQLalchemy
  • MySQL, Redis, and HBase
  • Ansible, Docker, Grafana, and Sentry
  • Git and Phabricator