DevOps Engineer @ Machine Learning Start Up

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Columbus, OH
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Direct Hire
Apr 17, 2017
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IPS has a new DevOps Engineer role @ a Machine Learning startup based in Columbus Ohio. We are looking for a DevOps Systems Engineer to help create a world class retail AI/machine learning SaaS application. 

If interested, please message for more details. 

What they offer you: 

  • Engineering culture from the top down 
  • Passionate and smart team of engineers to work with
  • Agile and open Environment 
  • Modern and new technologies to work with 
  • Results oriented work environment
  • Top salaries - we are looking for a top person
  • Flexible work hours 


  • Structure and maintain the software configuration management system
  • Automate and maintain the software build process
  • Automate software deployment and monitoring
  • Automate software testing at multiple levels (component, configuration item, subsystem, system) and monitor results
  • Monitor site stability and performance and troubleshoot site issues
  • Scale infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demand
  • Collaborate with developers to bring new features and services into production
  • Provide support to development teams that use the automated infrastructure
  • Develop and improve operational practices and procedures
What we're looking for: 
  • Knowledge of cloud infrastructure environments (e.g. AWS, Azure)
  • Container based architecture and deployments (Docker, Ansible, etc.) 
  • Release automation (e.g. Jenkins), system administration, system configuration, and system debugging experience.
  • Configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet, etc) and command execution frameworks.
  • Git, SVN, or any version control software